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  • There Will Be No Peace

    NPR Music

    Video Premiere - 24 May 2017

    ". . . reaches across humankind with a body-rattling, desert-swept heft . . ."

    Blurt Magazine

    Track Premiere - 6 December 2016

    ". . . a remarkable album, sonically fluid and lyrically awash in emotional certitude and resilience."


    Album Premiere - 13 January 2017

    ". . . epic, brutally timely, and, indeed, haunting."

    Echoes and Dust

    Review - 21 January 2017

    "The Angelus seem to have not only captured the mood of these times, they’re also walking it through the streets with a bell round its neck for everyone to see."

    Hellride Music Superstore

    Review - 25 February 2017

    ". . . a work of extraordinary melancholic beauty and pure, aural power."

    Tiny Mix Tapes

    Review - 13 February 2017

    ". . . an epic in the style of Homer."

    The Vinyl District

    Review (A-) - 3 January 2017

    "The Angelus have dished a leaner work that’s power sneaks up and grabs the ear."

    Modern Vinyl

    Review - 6 February 2017

    "Achingly gorgeous . . ."


    Review - 2 June 2017

    ". . . the narrator is a kind of ontological itinerant, a pilgrim who moves through the bleakness of the world with his eyes fixed on the sun."

    Divide and Conquer Music

    Review 4/5 - 2 October 2017

    ". . . this darkness of language and the immense musical talents of this trio combine to make a record that is rather awe inspiring."

    On A Dark & Barren Land

    Pop Matters

    Review 6/10 - 13 February 2012

    "We might be looking at the birth of a new genre here:  dirge-rock?"

    Dallas Observer

    Review - 3 November 2011

    "Few records conjure up such specific imagery as Denton act The Angelus do on their long-awaited debut album, On A Dark & Barren Land. Listening to it, you could swear that lead singer Emil Rapstine has lived his life alone on a desolate, rural landscape in the l800s."

  • Show reviews

    Dallas Observer

    w/Le Leek Electrique & Clint Niosi at Dan's Silvereaf - 9 July 2012

    "Lead singer Emil Rapstine and drummer Justin Evans harmonized perfectly through songs like Turned To Stone and Screaming Bloody Murder."

    Dallas Observer

    w/Thee Silver Mt. Zion Memorial Orchestra at Sons of Hermann Hall - 13 February 2012

    "Dallas trio The Angelus played 45 minutes of hymnal slowcore. They were a wise fit, setting the tone for an evening where brevity would have cheapened the vibe."

  • Interviews

    Dallas Observer

    The Angelus on Genesis, Whitney Houston and Slint - 25 July 2012

    "The three members of The Angelus took time out and shared their embarrassing and non-embarrassing musical firsts."